BlackBerry Unlock Code Entry Instructions


The process of unlocking your BlackBerry phone is very simple. Once you receive your code, follow these steps to unlock your BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Unlock Code Entry Instructions:

Entering wrong codes 3 to 10 times may permanently lock your phone. Please only follow these simple instructions if you got valid codes.

  • Put in any SIM card and turn ON your BlackBerry Phone
  • Turn OFF all the wireless connections
  • Go to Options and Select Advanced Options
    (Select Device, then Advanced System Settings on OS6 and later)
  • Select SIM Card
  • Type MEPD (Please press P key twice to obtain P letter on Sure Type keyboards)
    (You will not see typed letters)
  • Type MEP2 (Press ALT then 2 to get number 2) (Or Type MEP4 for some phones)
  • Your BlackBerry will ask to enter Mep Code
  • Enter recieved Unlock Code and press the enter once
  • Restart your BlackBerry phone and Turn ON wireless connections
  • Your BlackBerry phone should be unlocked now.