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If your Nokia 100 is locked to a specific network, you will not be able to use it with a SIM card from another network. Network providers lock phones because they want you to solely enjoy their services rather than switch to others when exciting offers come by. You can unlock your Nokia 100 with network unlock codes and use it on any comptaible network and save significant costs.

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What is Nokia 100 Unlocking?

In many instances, when you purchase your Nokia 100, it comes with an imbedded SIM card that has a specific network service provider attached. Many companies offer these devices for a reduced cost, but they want to lock you in to a several years contract or some other arrangement. Nokia 100 unlocking means that you enter a code that unlock your device, and allows you to use your Nokia 100 with any network and SIM it is compatible with.

How Does Nokia 100 Unlocking Work?

The Nokia 100 Network Unlock Code is generated using the phone's IMEI (Serial) number once you place a request for it. You only need to follow simple unlocking instructions below to unlock your Nokia 100 instantly. You do not require any technical knowledge or unlocking skills to unlock your Nokia 100 with network unlock key code.

Nokia 100 Unlock Instructions

It is very simple to unlock your Nokia 100 phone with unlock codes. Put in the new SIM card and turn your device on. Your Nokia 100 will ask you to enter a Network Restriction Code (Network Unlock Key) that will remove network (provider) restriction and unlock your Nokia 100 for other networks. Enter the code and restart your Nokia 100 and enjoy using your new provider.

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Nokia 100 Specs

Model: Nokia 100
Colors: Legion Blue, Festival Pink, Ocean Blue Phantom Black, Coral Red
Technology: GSM
SIM Support: Mini-SIM
2G Freqs: GSM 900 / 1800
3G Freqs:


Size / Mass: 110 x 45.5 x 14.9 mm / 69.6 g
Display: TFT (65K colors)
Display Size / Res: 1.8 inches / 128 x 160 pixels
Standby Time: 840 Hours
Talk Time: 7 Hours 20 min