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If you want to unlock your AT&T phone and use it with other providers, you have come to right place. Unlocking will remove network (carrier) lock from your AT&T phone and allow you to use it with any SIM card from any provider you want.

We can unlock most phones without requiring any eligibility. Phones under contract, active on another account, Past due balance and prepaid phones are supported.
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AT&T Unlock
What is AT&T Unlocking

In many instances, when you purchase your AT&T phone, it usually comes restricted (locked) to a AT&T network, meaning that your device will only work with their network and does not accept SIM cards from other providers. SIM network Unlocking means, you remove network lock, and use your AT&T phone with any SIM from any carrier.

Unlock Without Conditions!

We can unlock most devices without requiring any eligibility. We can still unlock if your phone is under an AT&T contract or active on another account. We can also unlock if your phone has Past Due balance or Unpaid Bills. Prepaid AT&T phones are also supported

Unlock Your AT&T Phone Easily

When you insert a SIM Card from a different carrier/provider, if your phone is asking for an unlock code; We can provide unlock code for your phone. You enter this code and your phone will be unlocked to other carriers. If you are not asked for a code, mostly your phone can be unlocked using "Unlock App". We will remove carrier restriction in AT&T databases, then you will only need to tab on Unlock button in the Unlock App to complete unlocking.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We will not charge you until the unlock code is delivered or the remote unlock service is completed. You pre-order with zero risk, and pay only after the unlock is complete.

We offer money back guarantee for our unlocking service. If our unlocking service does not unlock your phone, we will refund your payment. Our priority is to make our customers happy and satisfied so we offer money back guarantee for all of our services. You can view our Refund Policy here.

Get the Best Price!

We understand that people are always looking for the best deals when it comes to Internet orders. That's why we offer the lowest price possible. We optimized our service database to be able to offer lowest prices. When you enter your device and provider information, we check hundreds of services, compare them and list the lowest priced services based on your selection, so you can make sure you get the lowest possible price..

AT&T won't unlock your phone if you don't meet certain eligibility or conditions. We don't require any eligibility or conditions to unlock your phone. We can still unlock AT&T phones on following conditions;

Phones Under a Contract: If you bought your phone with an AT&T wireless plan or if you have an existing active plan, your phone can still be unlocked while you continue to use your current plan without canceling or terminating.

Device Active on Another Account: If your phone is active on an AT&T account and want to use it with other providers, your phone can be unlocked without cancelling or terminating your current account. Unlocking will not effect your existing account status any way.

Unpaid Bill Or Balance: If you have an unpaid bill or unpaid balance on your wireless account, your phone can be unlocked. We obtain unlock codes from different sources. Even If AT&T does not release unlock codes due to unpaid bills or your past due balance, we can still get unlock codes from manufacturer databases so it is always possible to unlock your phone.

Not Paid-off Installment Plan: If you have an Installment plan and haven't yet completed your payment, your phone can still be unlocked using AT&T premimum unlocking service.

Not Active for 60 Days: Even if you paid in full for your device or plan, AT&T will tell you that your phone must be active for at least 60 days on their network. You can unlock your phone using our unlocking service without waiting for this period.

Prepaid Phones: AT&T may not unlock your prepaid phone for a certain period of time (usually for six months). You can still unlock your prepaid phone using our service, without waiting for six month period.

Mobile devices (phones ,tablets .etc) can be unlocked by two unlocking method; one is using an unlock code and other is database update method. Manufacturers/Carriers/Providers have databases for their mobile devices and unlock data is kept in these databases. If your device is locked by a network code, we will obtain unlock codes from these databases via our data providers and deliver to you via email (Codes can also be displayed on order tracking page). If your phone is locked by database restriction method (Unlock App), We will update status in these databases and remove network restriction so your phone will accept any SIM from any compatible mobile network. Once you receive AT&T unlock confirmation, you only need to follow simple instructions. You do not need any technical knowledge or skills. Usually entering unlock code or confirming restriction removal via WI-Fi is enough to complete unlocking.

Iphones can be unlocked by Carrier/Manufacturer database update method only (It is not possible to unlock an Iphone with unlock codes or any software because phone's unlock status is stored in carrier/manufacturer database only). When you try to use your Iphone with a different SIM card, your Iphone will connect to these databases and checks for unlock status. if your Iphone is restricted (locked), it won't allow you to use other SIM Cards from other providers and you will get "Sim Not Supported" or "Sim Not Valid" message on your phone. You will need to unlock your Iphone to be able to use other provider's SIM cards. To unlock your Iphone; We will update status in these databases and remove restriction so your Iphone will confirm unlock status and accept any SIM card from any compatible carriers. Once you receive unlock confirmation, you only need to follow simple unlocking instructions. Usually connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi to confirm "restriction removal" is enough to complete unlocking.

It is very easy to unlock your AT&T phone with unlocking service. Put in your new SIM card and turn your device on. Your AT&T phone should ask you to enter a Network Unlock Code (also known as Network Unlock Key or Network Unlock Pin) that will remove network (carrier or provider) restriction and unlock your AT&T to other networks. Phones that are locked with Unlock App may not ask you to enter an unlock code. These phones are unlocked with database restriction removal service (Updating phone's lock status as "Unlocked" in carrier/manufacturer databases). Once network restriction status updated (restriction lifted) and you got unlock confirmation email, insert your new SIM card and turn your device on. Set Wi-Fi connection and connect to the internet. Your AT&T will connect to the carrier or manufacturer database to confirm unlock status. If you have any questions or having any difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact us.