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If you want to unlock your Boost mobile phone and use it with other providers, you have come to right place. Unlocking will remove network (carrier) lock from your device and allow you to use it with any carrier network you want.

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Unlock Your Device Easily

Unlocking is quite simple. No technical knowledge or past experience is needed. You can easily unlock your Boost Mobile device and use it with any compatible carrier you want. In case of your phone is asking for a network unlock code (SIM Network Unlock PIN or Service Provider Lock Code), we will obtain required code from carrier or manufacturer device databases using your phone's Unique IMEI (serial) number via our data provider. After that, we will send them to you by e-mail (you can also view the codes on tracking page). Once you have your code, you will only need to insert your new SIM and enter to complete unlocking.

If your device does not ask for an unlock code but shows only SIM or network locked message, you can our USB Unlock software that can unlock your phone in minutes. Your Device is connected to a PC via USB Cable and network lock is removed using software. Software can unlock Boost Samsung, Motorola and LG devices in minutes and it is more economical and faster. Unlock Software is proffered for phones that cannot be unlocked with a code or where a quicker unlocking process is desired.

After unlocking, you will able to use any SIM from any compatible carrier network. You can unlock Boost mobile devices without requiring any eligibility. It does not matter If you have an active plan or ongoing contract. Once unlocked you can use your device freely with any mobile carrier you want.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Network Unlock

A network lock is a restriction imposed on some mobile devices that prevents them from working with SIM cards from other network carriers. SIM locked devices will only work with the SIM cards from the carrier that sold the device. This means that SIM locked Boost devices will not work with a other carriers such s T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon.. etc until the phone is unlocked. SIM unlock, also known as network unlock, is the process of removing this restriction that allow a mobile device to work with any network or carrier. Unlocking allows to use a SIMs from any carrier, giving the flexibility to switch carriers without needing to purchase a new device.

Is any Eligibility Required for Unlocking?

Eligibility is not required with us. You can unlock a phone that is still under contract. You can also unlock your phone if eligibility conditions have not yet been met with your carrier.

Is Unlocking Guaranteed?

We guarantee to provide a valid code if your phone is asking for "SIM Network Unlock PIN". If software is offered for your phone after selecting your device on above form, we guaranty our software will unlock your phone. We will also not charge you until unlocking is completed (unlock code or software is delivered). You will pre-order with zero risk, and complete order only when you unlock your device. You can view details of our Guarantee here.

Is Unlocking Safe? How does it Affect Warranty and Performance?

The Unlocking methods we offer are absolutely safe and it won't effect its warranty and performance.

Our offered unlocking methods do not make any changes in your device's software or hardware. Unlocking does not effect any applications and data so you can be sure that it will not make any changes to your phone.

These preferred by mobile device manufacturers and carriers, so our methods are the safest for unlocking.

Have more questions? You can view all questions here SIM Network Unlock Guide

How to Start Unlock: Before starting unlocking its better for to determine unlock method first

If your phone is asking for n unlock code, you can use unlock code service. However, Some phones my not be unlocked by unlock code so software my be needed. In this case you can select software.

USB unlock software still can unlock phones that ask for unlock code so software can still be used if quickener unlock is desired.

Unlocking instruction is generally similar for most mobile devices. Rarely, some brands may require specific commands.

Motorola Phones: Boost Motorola phones will usually ask for SIM network unlock PIN or Service Provider Lock Code when other provider's SIM inserted. Enter your unlock code and your phone will be unlocked instantly.

Samsung Phones: Samsung phones will ask for SIM network unlock pin code. Enter your unlock code when asked and it will be unlocked instantly.
Some Samsung devices may not ask for a network unlock code (They usually display Sim Locked or Network Locked message). This devices can be unlocked using USB unlock software easily.

LG Phones: Boost LG devices usually does not ask for a network unlock code. They can only be unlocked using Unlocking software. Your device is connected to PC via USB cable and unlock is completed easily.

Apple Iphones: Boost Iphones can not be unlocked by unlock codes or software. They can only be unlocked remotely. Update on Apple device database is required but this can easily be done by our data provider.

Other Android Phones: If Your device asks for a Network Unlock Code (also known as Network Unlock Key or SIM Network Unlock Pin), simply enter your network code and that will unlock your your device instantly.

If you want to get more detailed technical information, you can visit our SIM unlock guide page.

On this page, you may see several glossary terms that you might not be familiar with. Here's a brief explanation of some of the most common terms used on this page.

Carrier: A company that provides wireless communication services to customers. Example Boost Mobile, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless.

Device: Usually Refers Mobile Phones and Tablets that can be connected to wireless networks.

IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity - a unique 15-digit number assigned to every mobile device. Can be obtained by typing *#06# or can be viewed by "Settings -> About Phone" on Android Menu.

SIM Lock: When a mobile device is restricted to work only with a specific carrier network. For example, a device that only works with Boost Mobile has SIM lock.

SIM: Subscriber Identity Module - a small chip placed in a mobile device that contains unique identification information for the user and device.

SIM (Network) Unlock: The process of removing a carrier (Boost Mobile) restriction from a device, allowing it to work with any carrier network.

UICC Unlock: The universal integrated circuit card (UICC) stands for the smart card in mobile devices that store security data. UICC unlock is method of removing a carrier lock from a device remotely without needing an unlock code or using a software.
Only eligible devices (fully paid and active for 60 days on Boost network) can be unlocked with uicc method. Unpaid, non-completed installment and activated less than 60 days devices is not unlocked.
USB unlock software is recommended for UICC capable and non-eligible devices.

SIM Network Unlock PIN: SIM network unlock Pin (also known as an network unlock Code) is an unlock code assigned by device's manufacturer (Samsung, Motorola, LG .etc during programming of the mobile phone) to allow that device to use other carrier networks. This code is used when a user wants to switch to a different carrier or use their device internationally with a different carrier. The SIM network unlock Pin is randomly assigned by device manufacturers and its unique for each phone. This code is stored in either manufacturer or carrier's mobile device databases and can be shared with carriers, service centers and authorized data-providers.
We obtain this unlock code from manufacturer device database via our data providers.

Master Service Lock: MSL (Master Subsidy Code or Network Unlock Code) is the unlock code assigned by Motorola to their phones. This code is used when a user wants to use a different carrier. This is randomly assigned by Motorola and unique for each device. This code is stored in manufacturer's mobile device databases and can be shared with carriers, service centers and authorized data-providers.

USB Unlock Software: The Unlock software is used in cases where the Unlock code cannot be found in the manufacturer or Carrier device databases, or when the device does not ask for a network unlock code. Your Device is connected to a PC via USB Cable and network lock is updated using software.

The software method is often more economical and faster. It is recommended for phones that cannot be unlocked with a code or where a quicker unlocking process is desired (Software is delivered instantly and the process is completed in a few minutes).

Remote Unlock: Usually Used to unlock Apple devices, however can also be used for other device brands. Apple devices does not ask for a network unlock code but they can be unlocked remotely. When you use a SIM from a different provider, your device connects to manufacturer device database to check network unlock status. To unlock your device, we update network lock (as unlocked) in these databases via our data providers and send you an unlock confirmation when the database update is done and unlock is completed.

If you want to get more detailed technical information, you can visit our SIM unlock guide page. On our Unlock Guide page, we tried to answer almost every question you wondered about.

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