If you have a SIM locked phone, It's easy to unlock it using our services. We can unlock most phones on the market with ease. To check our unlock services, you can select your phone's brand and original provider and view which services and delivery conditions are available. If you don't know the model of your phone or the original service provider or which provider it was locked to, there is no need to worry. You can use our unlock report tool to make your unlocking easier, when you use this tool, you can get all the information about your device and even find out if your phone can be unlocked or not.

Iphones are one of the most popular and sold mobile phones of today. Therefore, it is on almost every carrier's sales list. Most carriers sell Iphones locked to their networks. If you have a specific carrier-locked Iphone and want to use it freely with SIM cards from other providers, you've come to the right place. We have an unlock service for many carrier's Iphones. You can view available services and unlock process times by visiting our Iphone unlock page.

Samsung phones are the choice of many people these days and are the best selling mobile brand in almost Europe, America and many countries of the world. If you have a Samsung phone that is locked to a specific carrier and you want to unlock it and use it with other carriers, you can visit our Samsung unlock page. Our services will provide you with all the codes you need to be able to unlock your phone. You can get SIM Network Unlock Pin code and service provider code, region code, and even master reset or unfreeze code.

SIM Network Unlock Guides for Beginners

Your phone is SIM locked and you don't know how to unlock it and where to start, but you don't have to worry. We have prepared a very detailed unlock guide for you about SIM Network Lock and SIM unlock. On our Unlock Guide page, you can get detailed information about SIM lock and other locks and find answers to almost every question you wonder. You can find the answer to the questions of what is SIM network lock, why is it activated, how to remove it and how to overcome the difficulties you may encounter during the unlock process in our article. We tried to write one of the most detailed and understandable articles written on this subject. You can choose your phone brand and start reading.

If you want to unlock your AT&T device and use it with other carriers, our unlocking service will allow you to that. We can unlock most AT&T devices without requiring any eligibility. We can still unlock if your phone is under an active AT&T plan. We can also unlock your phone if AT&T denied unlock due to this device active on another account error. Past due balance and prepaid phones are supported.

Verizon may unlock most devices they sell after a certain period of time. However, if you have a device with an unpaid balance or not completed installment plan, they will most likely deny to unlock it. If you unknowingly bought a second-hand device and have no way of returning it, you will need to unlock the phone to be able to use it with other carriers. But don't worry about it. With the Verizon premium unlock service, you can also unlock devices that have not been paid for or whose installment plan has not been completed. For detailed information, you can visit our Verizon unlock page.

ZTE SIM network unlock codes are now available on our site. ZTE is one of the choices of users looking for a budget phone and it is a brand that most Carrier has on their budget phone list. You can order the SIM network unlock code that is compatible with almost every carrier's phone worldwide and unlock your phone quickly and easily.

You have a device provided by T-mobile US carrier and you want to use it with other carriers, but you found out that your device is locked but you are not sure how to unlock it. You can check our unlock services. Unlocking T-Mobile devices is difficult and often confusing because understanding the eligibility conditions, or knowing why the phone cannot be unlocked, is often difficult without support. We've simplified our service search tool to meet this challenge. If you want to find out in a simpler way, you can also use our unlock report tool.

HTC phones may not be as popular as other brands, but their affordable prices and quality that can compete with other brands make them preferable. We are aware that there are many HTC phones on the market and some of them are locked. That's why we speed up the unlocking process for HTC devices. When you request a code, we usually send you the code in 15-20 minutes after performing the necessary checks. Rarely do we need to do additional checking, which is mostly due to the user choosing the wrong model or carrier. If you want to learn more about the unlocking service or unlock your HTC phone, you can visit our unlock page.

Don't know your phone model or not sure which carrier it's locked to? You've found a great phone for a good price on Ebay, amazon or another Online retailer, but you want to make sure it's unlockable. Then the Unlock report tool is for you. Our Unlock report tool retrieves your phone's information from the manufacturer database using your phone's Imei. After detecting the model and which carrier it is locked to, it will check the status of your phone from the carrier database. Checks if the phone meets the unlock eligibility requirements or if the phone is blacklisted or blocked. The tool will check for you and report to you whether the device has unpaid bill or an unpaid installment plan. If there is a suitable unlocking service for your phone, it will inform you about the price and processing time. And most importantly, if you order the unlock service from us, we apply the report fee as a discount on your order, so you can easily unlock your phone without searching the Internet for hours.

SIM Lock and Unlocking Methods

A SIM Lock may be enabled by some carriers for various reasons. Some users with a SIM Locked phone are looking to find out how to SIM Unlock their phone. We would like to give a brief information on this subject.. Mobile devices (phones ,tablets .etc) can be unlocked by two unlocking method; one is using an unlock code and other is database update method. Manufacturers and Carriers have databases for their mobile devices and unlock data is kept in these databases. If your device is locked by a code, unlock codes can be obtained from these databases using device's IMEI number. If your phone is locked by database restriction method (Unlock App from your carrier), required update can be performed in these databases and SIM network restriction can be lifted. Once a device is unlocked, it will accept any SIM from any compatible provider. Usually entering unlock code or confirming database restriction removal via Wi-Fi is enough to complete unlocking.