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If you want to unlock your Spectrum phone and use it with other providers, you have come to right place. Unlocking will remove network (carrier) lock from your Spectrum phone and allow you to use it with any SIM from any provider you want.

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Spectrum Unlock
What is Spectrum Unlocking

Some Spectrum mobile devices are restricted (locked) to Spectrum network, meaning that your device will only work with Spectrum SIMs and does not accept SIM cards from other providers. SIM network Unlocking means, you remove this network lock, and use your device with any SIM from any compatible carrier network.

Unlock Your Spectrum Phone Easily

We can provide network unlock codes for device that is asking for it such as Samsung, LG and Motorola phones. You enter unlock code on your phone, and it will be unlocked to other providers. For more information unlock code entry, please check unlocking instructions section on this page.

Unlock Without Conditions!

We can unlock spectrum devices without requiring any eligibility. You don't have to wait your contract ends. It does not matter if the device is still used with an account with any provider or with your current one.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We will not charge you untill we deliver working unlock code to you. There will be a temporary authorization hold and you can cancel anytime if you want. We also offer money back guarantee for our unlocking service after we deliver unlock code to you. If the unlocking service we offered does not unlock your phone, we will refund your payment in full. Our services are eligible for buyer protection with PayPal, that means your payment is fully protected with us. Our priority is to make our customers happy and satisfied so we offer money back guarantee for all of our services. You can view our Refund Policy here.

Get the Best Price!

We understand that people are usually looking for the best deals when it comes to Internet orders. That's why we offer the lowest price possible. We optimized our service database and search algorithm to be able to offer lowest prices. When you enter your device model, we check many services, compare them and list the lowest priced services based on your selection, so you can make sure you will get the best possible price for your mobile device. In addition, we will only list working and active services so that you do not waste your time and effort.

What is SIM Spectrum Network Lock

Spectrum mobile activates SIM network lock on some of their mobile devices. This lock allows only their SIM Cards and services work with device. SIM Locked Spectrum phones will not work with other carrier's SIM cards unless this lock is removed.

How Spectrum SIM Lock is Removed?

Majority of mobile devices on the market can be unlocked with SIM network Unlock Code. When you insert a SIM card from another mobile operator (Carrier) into your phone, it usually asks you to enter the SIM network Unlock (PIN, Key, Me .etc) Code. When you enter valid code, your phone will be unlocked permanently.

Apple Iphones usually do not ask for the SIM Network Unlock Code, Iphones and Ipads store their SIM lock information in their online databases and the SIM lock of the phone is removed with the update made in these databases. When another Carrier SIM card is inserted into your Spectrum, your phone connects to this database over the Internet and checks the SIM lock information. If new SIM card is not allowed, it will show message like SIM Not Supported or SIM Invalid. To unlock the device, the database is updated and the SIM lock status is updated to Unlocked. After the device connects to the database and confirms that the phone has been unlocked, it updates the phone's local memory as SIM unlocked.

How Does the Unlock Process Work?

SIM network unlocking is actually a simple technical process. When device manufacturer activate the SIM Lock, they generate a random SIM unlock code and they assign this code into your device. This unlock code will disable SIM Network Lock once entered and the phone will no longer checks if a SIM card is allowed or not and it allows all compatible SIM cards to work with the phone.

The unlocking process is simple. Insert another Carrier' SIM card into the phone and you will be prompted to enter the SIM Network unlock code. Enter your unlock code on your phone and complete the process. The unlock process is permanent, you will not be asked to re-enter the code.

How SIM Network Unlock Code is Obtained?

When the phones are programmed at the factory, the manufacturer activates the SIM lock upon the request Spectrum and assigns a SIM unlock code. This code can unlock device when necessary. Manufacturers store backups of these codes in their own databases. They share the unlock codes with providers, service centers and authorized data providers. We obtain the codes through our data providers and provide them to our users.

Is Spectrum SIM Network Unlock PIN and SIM Card PIN Same?

Spectrum SIM Network Unlock PIN removes the SIM lock of the phone and allows it to be used with other carrier's SIMs and services.

This code is randomly generated during the Production and programmed into the device. If SIM unlock of the phone is required, it is entered into the device and it is unlocked permanently and no longer checks whether SIM cards of other carriers are allowed. After entering the code, SIM cards of all carriers can be used with the device.

4 Digit SIM Card PIN (Personal Identification Number) belongs to the SIM card and is stored on the SIM card chip. It only grants access to the SIM card (phones books and SIM services). if enabled, it verifies that you are authorized to use the SIM card. If SIM Card PIN code activated, it will ask you to enter this code every time on every phone. It doesn't matter if the phone is SIM locked or not because it's a phone-independent code.

8 or 16 Digit SIM Network Unlock PIN belongs to the device and is stored in the device. If activated by Carrier, SIM cards provided by Carrier will work and other Carrier's cards will be rejected. If you want to use the phone with other Carrie's SIM cards, you need to enter this code on your Spectrum and this will validate that you are authorized to unlock the phone.

Is Unlocking my Spectrum Device Safe?

The Unlocking methods we recommend are absolutely safe.

- The most popular and most used method is entering the SIM Network unlock code and does not cause any change in your device's software or hardware. This method is preferred by most manufacturers, so it is a safe method.

All unlock methods we offer are safe and do not affect the device's warranty.

If you want to get more detailed technical information, you can visit our detailed SIM unlock guide page. On our Unlock Guide page, we tried to answer almost every question you want to know about Spectrum SIM Unlocking.

SIM Network Unlock Guide

Although device owners are confused about how to unlock their devices, actually unlocking is not that difficult. Of course, it is expected that people will be confused, as most people do not know how to do the process. Without going into too much technical detail, we would like to give a brief and sufficient information about the unlocking process.

Most Spectrum devices can be unlocked by entering an unlock code. After you enter it on your phone, unlocking is completed instantly. In the second method (mostly for iPhones), the unlock status of the phone is updated as "Unlocked" in the Carrier database and when the phone connects to the database, it confirms the unlock status and complete unlock permanently.

Unlock Code: If your phone is locked by an unlock code, we will obtain required code from carrier or manufacturer databases using your phone's Unique IMEI (serial) number. After that, we will send them to you by e-mail (you can also view the codes on order tracking page). Once you have your code, you will only need to insert your new SIM card and enter the code when prompted and your Spectrum phone will be unlocked instantly.

Unlock Software: The Unlock software method can be used in cases where the Unlock code cannot be found in the manufacturer or Carrier databases, or when the phone cannot be unlocked with the unlock code. Your Device is connected to a PC via USB Cable and reads the unlock code from the phone and displays it on the dialog screen. Then this code is entered into the phone and the process is completed.

he software method is often more economical and faster. It is recommended for phones that cannot be unlocked with a code or where a quicker unlocking process is desired (Software is delivered instantly and the process is completed in a few minutes).

Database Update: Used to unlock Apple Iphones. Iphones can be unlocked by carrier or provider database update method only. When you insert a SIM from a different provider, your Spectrum device will connect to carrier/manufacturer database and check for unlock status. To unlock your Iphone, we will update unlock status (as unlocked) in these databases and remove network restriction via our data providers so your Iphone will accept any SIM card from any compatible provider. We will send you an unlock confirmation when database update is done and unlock is completed. You will only need to insert your new SIM card and connect to the internet via Wi-Fi to confirm unlock status. Your Iphone will connect to database and confirm unlock status and complete unlocking.

Other Device Locks

Mobile Device unlocking is actually a broad topic that covers several different unlocks. This is because phones actually have multiple locks. Different locks such as user lock, sim card lock, screen lock, network lock, account lock are used in a phone. Here we will try to give brief information about them, although this page is specifically for network lock, you can learn about other locks.

SIM card locks: SIM card PIN and SIM Card PUK code are independent of your phone and are stored on your sim card. When you insert the SIM card into another phone, it will be moved to new phone with your SIM card.

Phone User locks: These locks are stored on your phone and can be activated or deactivated by you. You can change or disable the codes of these locks. It is network independent. Examples of these locks are Screen lock, phone user lock. If you forget them, you may need to factory reset your phone.

Network Locks: These locks are set by your provider Spectrum and prevent your phone from working with other networks. Unlock data is kept in provider/manufacturer databases and it is difficult for end users to obtain or update this information without professional support. Mostly Spectrum network unlock code is required to unlock. When you insert another sim card into your phone, you may usually be asked to enter one of the following codes.

  • Spectrum Network Unlock Code
  • Spectrum Network Unlock Key
  • Spectrum SIM Network Unlock Pin
  • Spectrum Service Provider Unlock Code

We can provide SIM unlock code to unlock your phone. Fill in the form above, choose the appropriate service and place your order. We can unlock your phone by providing the required code.

Iphones may not ask you to enter unlock code. When you insert another sim card into your phone, you may usually get following message:

  • Invalid SIM Card
  • SIM not Supported
  • Iphone Disabled
  • Sim Not Valid

Iphones can be unlocked by Carrier/Provider database update method only. When you Insert a SIM from a different provider, your Spectrum phone will connect to their databases to check unlock status. To unlock your Iphone, we will update unlock status (as unlocked) in these databases and remove restriction and your Iphone will confirm unlock status and accept any SIM from other providers.

If you want to get more detailed technical information, you can visit our SIM unlock guide page. On our Unlock Guide page, we tried to answer almost every question you wondered about.

SIM Unlock Guide

Unlocking instruction is generally the same for most devices. Rarely, some brands may require specific commands. Here we tried to give general instructions for popular brands. For more detailed information, you can visit the instructions page for specific device brand.

Detailed Unlock Instructions

By Unlock Code: If Your Spectrum phone asks you to enter a Network Unlock Code (also known as Network Unlock Key or Network Unlock Pin), enter the code you recieved and that will remove network (carrier or provider) restriction and unlock your Spectrum device to other providers.

Samsung Phones: Most samsung phones ask for SIM network unlock pin code. However, some carriers may also activate the service provider code or region code. We can also provide Samsung Region unlock code or service provider code. If your phone asks you to enter any of these codes, you can choose the service that provides these codes, during the order.

If you enter the wrong unlock code many times on Samsung phones, your device's unlock counter will be reset and may no longer allow you to enter any codes. In this case, you may receive a \"Enter MCK\" message on your phone and MCK (Master Reset Key, also known as unfreeze code) is required for successful unlock. We have services that provide MCK (Unfreeze) Code. If you need this code, you can choose the appropriate service.

Once you have your code, all you have to do is enter it on your phone's keypad when prompted and your phone will be unlocked permenantly. It's all that simple and easy.

Apple Iphones: It is simple to unlock your Spectrum Iphone using unlocking service. Once network restriction status is updated (restriction lifted) and you got unlock completed confirmation email, insert your new SIM card and turn your device on. Set Wi-Fi connection and connect to the internet. Your Spectrum will connect to the manufacturer/carrier database to confirm unlock status. You don't need to do anything, your phone will complete unlocking automatically. Update to latest IOS may be required if your Iphone's OS is not updated to date. If you have any questions or having any difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact us.

LG Phones: Most LG phones ask for sim unlock key code. However, some carriers may also activate the service provider code. Once you have your code, enter it when prompted and your phone will be unlocked instantly.

Motorola Phones: Your moto device will ask for sim unlock key code. However, some carriers may also activate the service provider key code. Please confirm your phone is not sim blocked first. If you see SIM Blocked message on your Spectrum moto phone after inserting a new sim from a different provider, your phone may not allow you to enter unlock code (please contact us if you have this message). Once you have your code, enter it on your phone will be unlocked instantly

Other Phones: Most mobile phones from Alcatel, Nokia, Moto, Zte .etc will ask for network unlock code . Altough you may see different terms such as Network Unlock Key, Sim Unlock Key, SIM Network Unlock Pin, Actually, they all mean the same and refer to the network unlock code. All you need to do it to type unlock code on your phone's keypad when prompted and your phone will be unlocked instanty.

Unlocking your phone is a very simple process. It does not require technical knowledge or skills. Most of the time, entering unlock code or connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi is enough to complete unlocking.

If you have any questions or anything to ask, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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